Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 Crazy Things Women Say That Scare Men Away

1. "Why are you always trying to set me down, make you believe I am stupid?" If you presume that people are always trying to set you down or believe that you are stupid, then work force will automatically believe that you have got some self-esteem issues, and would not desire to be around you.

2. "What are you looking at?" This inquiry is confrontational and communicates to whoever you are talking to that you are verbally combative, and may also be the sort of individual that volition acquire in a physical fighting at the driblet of a hat.

3. "I have got not forgotten what you did to me last week." When he hears this from you he thinks, "I am in problem with this woman. She bears scores and volition never forgive me for errors that I will certainly make." This will certainly frighten work force away from you.

4. "You cognize I have got to be the centre of attention." Big redness flag, large bad mark that a self-appointed diva have taken the floor.

5. "Why make you take a firm stand on staying friends with that girl?" When work force hear this they believe you are trying to order to them who they should and should not associate with. Asking a adult male to take between you and his friends is never a good thought -- he may just take his friends over you.

6. "But that isn't the gift I wanted." This is an improper manner of reacting to him when he gives you gift you may not really want. It is better to take the gift and exchange it for the 1 you desire than to do him experience that you are ungrateful.

7. "If Iodine eat anything at all I automatically derive 10 pounds." When you state this he believes you may have got some kind of an feeding disorder, or at least some issues with food. Work Force like women that eat healthy and not those that nitpick their nutrient for calories etc.

8. "Why can't you just do what I ask?" It may be true that you are trying to acquire him to make something you want, but shrewish him like this is will only make him desire to acquire away from you.

9. "Why brands everybody hatred me?" When you state this about yourself he may reason that there must be something about you that makes people dislike you. And if that is the lawsuit he will watch every move you make to see if there are things you do that could possibly warrant what you have got said about people hating you.

10. "I desire two kids, a dog, and a house with lookout fencing." This may indeed be a good thing for the right cat to hear, but don't arrant things like this if the cat you are dating have not proposed matrimony or even talked to you about marrying you.

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