Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pick Up Lines for Women - How to Make Them Work for You

Alright guys. Most of you probably have got a long listing of favourite lines you like to utilize when you see a adult female you are interested in getting to cognize better. If I'm going to play recreational psychical I'll state that piece they do work ONCE in a while - for the most portion you happen yourself dramatic out and going place alone.

Let me fill up you in on a small secret. We are NOT as dense as you think! We've seen the same movies, read the same books and heard all of the same lines as you have! So we cognize them all, the lone difference is in the bringing and the messenger. If you've got it going on, even if it's a bum choice up line, it's jump to acquire a small spot of interest. But here is the problem. So many cats just neglect sol miserably when trying to look cool and shoot off a rehearsed, regurgitated line from "Swingers" that even if you ARE really cute, we are going to look cockamamie if we travel for it. Herein put life's great dilemma...J

Seriously though guys. Just maintain ALL of your best lines visible light and funny. The years of the serious "come here often" kind of attack just doesn't' work anymore with women today (or at least me and my friends). Funny works like nil else. If you can express joy at yourself while coming up to us...well, that's REALLY appealing as well. One of my best friends met her hubby about two old age ago when he approached her astatine a trade show and said - "what make I have got to feign to be interested in purchasing to acquire your telephone number". Cheesy? Absolutely! Funny? In a geeky way, I think it was because after all, she not only laughed and gave him her digits, she MARRIED him 8 calendar months later! Good luck!

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