Friday, November 23, 2007

Dating - Want to Date a Colleague? The Office Christmas Party Dating Survival Guide

Got your oculus on the cunning cat from marketing? Or have got you spent the past times few hebdomads hanging around the water-cooler waiting for the hot receptionist to saunter past...?

We all cognize they are "out of bounds", mixing concern with pleasance and all that, but as that's unlikely to halt the bulk of us, let's work with it.

With gala season looming, the staff Christmastide political party may well be the ideal chance to acquire in some gala flirting action and maybe even add a notch to the bed station run for 2007. But one too many drinks and you may stop up swigging champers consecutive from the bottle in presence of the foreman followed by a small gala jig on top of the board-room table. Note to self, this isn't the ideal manner to pull the attending of the business office cutie.

Drill our Christmastide Party Survival Usher into your head well in progress of hitting the celebrations and you're sure to do a good impression.

1. Eye contact; do some, and smiling at the same time. But don't gaze them into entry with a madman grin.

2. Rich Person fun, and though of course of study we all cognize that we're much more than than attractive the more we drink, delight retrieve that no 1 happens the gibbering, dribbling, mashed up wreck in the corner the least spot appealing.

3. Always carry your ain hoard of false mistletoe - you never cognize when it's going to be needed!

4. Rich Person some take a breath batches on standby, in lawsuit it travels oh too well - see 3 above.

5. Rich Person a small gag or anecdote up your arm to salvage any awkward silences. And while ego deprecating temper can work to your advantage, don't do yourself out to be an idiot. Think Hugh Grant rather than Volition Ferrell.

6. If well meaning co-workers present you to the least likely individual you would EVER date, be up-front. It acquires more than awkward the longer you go forth it. You never cognize you could both be thought the same thing and bend out to be great mates. Or something.

7. Positive organic structure mental image - believe yourself gorgeous - be gorgeous!

8. Enjoy yourself, we all love Happy Harry's or Henrietta's!

9. Spend some quality 'me' clip over the adjacent couple of hebdomads - the better you cognize yourself the more than comfy you'll be in your ain skin. Other people will pick up on this too.

And one for the guys, if you make over-indulge in the gala tipple, avoid at all costs jabbering the following... And, ladies, if you hear these muttered in your direction- run LIKE THE WIND!

1. Let's make breakfast tomorrow. Should Iodine phone call you or jog you?

2. Hi, allow me disrupt you for a moment. The word of the twenty-four hours is "legs." Let's spell back to my topographic point and spreading the word.

3. Hi, have got you got a small Irish / German / Spanish / Italian / etc. in you? Bash you desire some?

4. Desire to come up see my difficult drive? I assure it isn't 3.5 ins and it ain't floppy.

5. Gorgeous hair. But it'd be even better brushing against my thighs.

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